Sunyoma is part of an ancient Star Garden. Its atmosphere a carbon dioxide rich banquet for intelligent life. Its surface, a shell of gas and dust, so dry you could walk on it.

It is sealed away in the infinity forge by a protector. The forge is a fortress on a celestial body of unknown origin and purpose.

Its essence, a waveform, with which all of the worlds of the Hyborian Age are crystallised.


OULND (”Red Peril”).

Despite the near destruction of the star garden by unknown assailants in Earth year 730642, the system's inhabitants continue to nurture the essence.

40 OB Tauri (Faculae Tauri).

Mysterious craft emerge periodically in nearby star systems, destroying other stars, sending debris and planets crashing into Archonia.

Archonia was evacuated by the new generation of space sirens
(such as Lorci, Petya, Mercury, and Even). Each of these, warped with crystal intelligence to get them to pursue the Minus.

They are also in the game. They'll join you for combat in the open galaxy.

Sunyoma is not on any known jump-gate list. Possibly a non-Jump-Gate system. Potentially a backup oasis for New Aquarius.